Sponsorship & Exhibition

        APNFO 14        Exhibition


An extensive technical exhibition will take place during the three-day conference in the conference venue. The exhibition is expecting the participation of about 300 subscribers and over 10 companies from around the world and will offer optimal marketing opportunities for increased exposure and market expansion.
Place Lobby (2F), Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea
Period June 20~22, 2023 (June 19: Exhibition Hall Setup& Move-in)
Exhibition Fee KRW 2,500,000 per booth 
Booth Information
· White wall modules fitted into aluminum stand system
· Fascia board with company/organization name in standard letter
· Electrical supply for lighting (220V 1kW)
· Fluorescent lights
· 1 reception desk and 1 folding chair
(* Please note that the available booth types may change if the number of booth applications exceeds the space available in the lobby.)
Exhibitor Compensation
APNFO 14 offers exhibitors the following compensations per booth:
· 1 complimentary registration including 1 conference kit
· Company logo on signage in the exhibition area
· Acknowledgement in the program book
· Booth Information
Exhibit Space Rental Fees Not Included.
Furniture, telephone services, transportation, warehousing before and after the conference, customs brokerage, janitorial services in the booth as well as in the general exhibition area, special materials or furnishings, the moving, transfer, set up, and dismantling of equipment or booths and lift services. Placing of carpets is obligatory in all exhibition spaces. Purchasing of these items and services is at the exhibitor’s expense.
Application Procedure
1. Please fill out the exhibition application form.
2. E-mail it to the secretariat (apnfo@apnfo14.org) along with a copy of your business license.
Booth Assignment
The organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the order of application, size of the space applied for, the nature of the exhibits, or in the manner the organizer deems fit.
Payment Method: By Bank Transfer (Information will be updated soon)