APNFO 14        Welcome Message

Welcome Message

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Near-field Optics (APNFO 14) to be held on June 19~22, 2023 at Paradise Hotel Busan, Busan, Korea.

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Near-field Optics (APNFO) is the premier forum for science, technology, and applications of nano-optics. APNFO 14 is organized by the Semiconductor Physics Division of the Korean Physical Society (KPS) and focuses on the promotion of advanced research related to nano-optics.

APNFO 14 will bring our members together from around the world to share professional experiences, expand our professional networks, and receive updates on the latest advances in broad fields of nano-optics and photonics, and meta or quantum materials.

The conference will provide a variety of programs including distinguished presentations, networking events, and tours to benefit from many fruitful and enriching discussions as well as to initiate collaborations across disciplines for the advancement of your research.

APNFO 14 will take place in Busan where you can enjoy the wonders of nature and Korean cultural heritage. Busan is the second largest city and the maritime hub of Korea. The coexistence of tradition and modernity alongside the seaside scenic beauties symbolizes the industrial dynamicity and cultural diversity of Korea. We have prepared social activities to support participants’ interest in one another and relish the beauty of Busan. I hope you take part in this conference to broaden your horizon!

Please make a note in your calendar to join us in Busan, Korea! I sincerely hope this conference will be a festival in which we sit face-to-face again to celebrate the exit from the COVID crisis and stand together to leap over the next coming challenges

All the members of the organizing committee are looking forward to meeting you in Busan, Korea.
Sincerely yours,

Jeongyong Kim
General Chair, APNFO 14
Prof., Sungkyunkwan University, Korea